Faith Filled

“But for this purpose I have raised you up, to show you my power, that my name may be proclaimed in all the Earth.” Exodus 9:16

I absolutely love that God has created each of us for a purpose. I am super excited that I can write and share on this blog what I am passionate about; helping others in their journey, encouraging you in your faith, and whatever else comes to mind. REPURPOSED is part of my name for many reasons. I truly believe in the past year God has been putting this word in my heart and on my mind. I have written it down a couple of times, not completely knowing how he would use it.

I love meaning and symbolism and as I thought of my passions everything just fits into the definition of this word. And, if we think in terms of repurposing something we can change ANYTHING bad into something good. When we seek hard after God HE WILL change the desires of our hearts to fit what HIS plan and purpose is for our lives.

I believe that the gifts and talents he created us with are typically our strengths but sadly can become our weaknesses. In other words, like a super power, if we don’t understand the correct way to use it and how to be in control of it versus it in control of you, it will be used negatively. I will be the first to admit that my passions want to trump ANYTHING else I am doing. But I cannot give them reigns to my life I have to have balance in MY LIFE. I have also had to recognize that my passion and what I like is NOT WHO I AM but a tool, that used correctly can help many. Go to God FIRST with anything and he will direct your path!