Triple Threat for my Soul

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


I am back! It has been basically a year since I have used this blog as a platform to write and share my story! This past year, 2020, created many DETOURS for my life and for the majority of the world due to COVID. The short break away from writing and using my blog as a way to encourage others was suppose to be brief! I still cannot believe it has been a year.

My family and I successfully sold our house (April 2020, settlement finalized in July 2020), moved to the Rochester NY area to be near my siblings; and are now well into our oldest daughters 1st grade HYBRID school year 🤗 (emoji sarcasm).

Like many people who have been stuck at home, working from home, and social distancing, I have had a lot of time to think through what I want to do next for my career. Putting a pause on everything has made me hungry and searching deep into what my soul needs.

It was also in July 2020 when one of my brothers, jokingly/not jokingly, asked me if I would work for him to help out at his wellness studio. It was around that time that I also felt God strongly pushing me to say “yes” more, to relinquish control even further on the details and plans of my life… so I said “yes.

Another detour, to me, but not to God. Never did my plans read “cleaning lady,” “administrative assistant,” or “handy wo-man.” I have a Masters Degree and I am now working a job that anyone out of high school could do. It is humbling to my ego, but that’s not the point. Or is it.

God has a way to get you to places that you would have NEVER planned out for yourself. If you just lean into the Holy Spirit’s nudging and say “yes,” God can take you on an adventure.

These past 6 months have not been just about helping my brother, it has been about getting my feet wet again, slowly, in the “work world.” Getting out of the house and away from 3 kids (whom I love dearly). A chance to figure out WHO I AM, or possibly who I have always been, but stopped listening.

I love my brother, and honestly today would still say yes ALL OVER AGAIN to help out if he asked. But something else happened. I was able to physically organize and decorate his business. I was pushed to do something I never technically had the courage to do on my own; which includes putting myself out there and doing what I love and that is organizing and decorating.

Saying “yes” to my brother was the catalyst, the thrust to my engine that was missing. From that point on I started to eat up ANY opportunity to organize and decorate for people. I have started marketing myself and getting comfortable being vulnerable in knowing I am a beginner in the world of a lot of amazing decorators and organizing professionals. BUT you. have. to. start. somewhere.

There is a quote from Confucius that comes to mind, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I truly believe that God created each of us for a PURPOSE, and once found it can bring a healing balance to your life. For me, I get to use my practical and analytical side along side my creative and artistic side, wrapped up in writing and telling my story. A triple threat for my soul. How have YOU let God move in your life this past year? What ways is he asking you to surrender?

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