How to Organize your kids Stuff!

The third and final part of my How To Organize your Kids Series is all about their stuff!

I use the SAME process I discussed in my How To Organize Clutter post. (If you want more details check out my previous post)

1st: Define the problem area (kids playroom, their bedrooms, school work, or art work).

2nd: What is your timeline? When do you plan to tackle this problem? Is this a once and done project or ongoing?

Specific my kids artwork and papers. Some people are good at just going through stuff daily. Some people throw away everything because it is not a priority. I like to do a little bit of daily purging but the big sort I try to do once a month when I also do my monthly calendar.

Here is a small project I tackled this past month. And, the steps I took to get there.


3rd: Collect the items. See below.

4th: Separate the items into categories that make the most sense for you. Always have a pile to throw away or maybe donate (related to toys and various kids items). See below.

5th: Whatever you end up keeping decide on a storage systems or filing systems that works for you. I have a file for each of my kids (see below). And I also use a spot on the counter and fridge to keep other items that are time sensitive or that I access a lot.

7th: Once you are ready to put things away always think about accessibility. Do you want it easy to grab, up high, in a closet, or in a drawer? Example My kids scissors, tape, paints (messy and dangerous) always up high.

*Specific to kids art work or school work: Depending on how attached you are to your kids drawings or school work will determine how much you are comfortable with throwing away. With this next step you might be able to get rid of more and use up less of your fridge and file folders.

A. Once you have your categories (include one for each child) spread the work out neatly on a floor or table and take a picture! Depending on how many piles and months of buildup you have you might have several “collage” pictures.

This pile was all of my sons “school work”

B. From that pile keep your favorite or your kids favorite and throw away the rest. Store the favorites in your file folder, frame some or stick others back up on the fridge.

C. If your child is more sentimental and attached to what they have worked hard on, like my son, a fun additive is having them in the picture showcasing their hard work.

All of my sons “artwork”

*Specific to toys:

A. Use storage solutions that are low and easy to access for what you WANT your kids to get to. For those who have kids who are climbers 🙋🏻‍♀️ if you are using a tall cabinet screw it into the wall.

B. I have mentioned this a few times but it is because it is so helpful! Have stations around the house for a change of scenery. It helps my sanity, and my kids, to break up play in this way. Different types of toys in different places.

C. Just Remember most of the time you have exactly what you need to organize, the real problem is just too much stuff. So do yourself a favor, before you go out and buy anything new, decrease the clutter and save a buck using what you already have. As always have a friend or someone help you in the process!