How To Maintain Time & Goals

The THIRD step in this series deals with MAINTENANCE related to Time Management and Goal Setting. Once you complete your Master Schedule, Planner, and Goals you need to also have a system in place to keep yourself IN CHECK and accountable to all the hard work you put in! So yes there is more…

Our lives have so many moving pieces! Unpredictable events can throw off every plan that we have for the day/week. Instead of throwing up our hands in defeat there is a way to work with it. Or at least minimize the blow.

  1. Allow your spouse, and other necessary people in your life, to see and access the same monthly calendar.
  2. At the start of each week communicate with your spouse and other necessary people, about what is on deck for the week.
  3. Every morning (or the night before) find a quick 10 minutes to check in with yourself and the day. Write in the Weekly View of your planner or your phone what YOU want to accomplish.
    • This may include; A GOAL or a random TO DO for that week (that is not in your Master Schedule) such as needing to make a phone call, touching base with a friend, or running an errand.
    • If you DO NOT have a planner with a weekly view you can do this in your month view, or phone.
    • If life is throwing you a curve ball adjust things and/or switch tasks off to a different day. Write it down.

I hope that these last few posts have given you some helpful tools to get a head versus being dragged along in your week! No more wasting time worrying about WHEN things will get done. Keep writing things down! The less energy you are using to try to remember everything the MORE energy you have to be present and engage in the moment!

Happy Organizing🙂

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