How To Organize Your Goals

This is the second part of my How to Organize series. Today is about building a basic foundation for Goal Setting. Creating your Goals will be in a very similar process as time management. I will give you some pointers of what has worked FOR ME, and more pictures of what could be helpful for you to do/use. So pull out your pen again, some paper, and your planner.

Step 1: Come up with categories that you feel describe your life the best. Make as many or as few as you want.

  • They could include: your Physical health, Hobbies/Passions, Career/Job, Relationships, Finances/Budgeting, Faith, House Projects, Vacation Planning, Kids, etc.. (see my example).

Step 2: In each category begin filling in what GOALS you are already working on and what goals you would like to add. You can put in as little or as many as you like.

  • If you want to specify whether it is more of a short term or a long term goal you can. I usually am thinking in terms of my goals for the Year.

Step 3: Break it down even further. EACH GOAL should have 2 or 3 steps; which is the action to accomplish them. Make sure your goals are written down; have them in your planner, or in your phone, or on your fridge and yes PRAY over them. As you can imagine some things are OUR plans but not Gods. I believe aligning ourselves as much as we can with what he wants can prepare our hearts for possible disappointment and more of a willingness to be flexible!

  • If your goal is more of a mindset or perspective change you will not necessarily have an action step.

Step 4: The planner. I LOVE my planner because in the weekly view it has a section to write down my priorities; I use that area to write my goals for the week. Depending on the TIME you know you have OR do not have you can decide if there is time to work toward a specific goal/goals.

  • Write the Goals in as your priorities.
  • Pick a day/time to accomplish or work towards the action step.
  • If you have ALOT of categories and goals in those categories decide what 2 or 3 are important for THIS week.
  • If you do not have a weekly view, write them in your Monthly View OR phone. Again, the point is having them written down. No plan typically means no success.

Step 5: COMMUNICATE. Remember what happens when you assume… ๐Ÿ™‚ Talk with your spouse, friend, roommate, family member, co worker, etc. If these goals involve them in any way, get their take and come up with a plan.

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