How to Organize your Pictures!

The FIRST of many projects I am going to break down with you offers an efficient process to tackle photos & videos! I think everyone would agree that the amount of pictures we have in our phones and other devices is JUST GETTING OUT OF CONTROL! We live in a day and age that every moment of our lives are documented. So what do we do to organize our pictures and maintain them?

The next 4 steps are BASIC organizing.

Step 1: For starters, purchase an external hard drive and DVDs to back up your precious memories. Have a permanent marker handy.

Step 2: Connect your devices to your computer and download your pictures and videos. I like to download mine directly to my computer (see below). If you have another program that you prefer and are familiar with, use it!

Step 3: Once all of your picture/videos are downloaded, make new folder labeled for EACH YEAR that you have pictures; and then within each year folder create additional folders for EACH MONTH, a folder labeled for videos and another labeled favorite pictures (see below).

Step 4: Start sorting all of your pictures/videos. I would recommend to change the view of your pictures to “detail” view (see below); this way the actual date of the pictures/videos are shown making it much faster to sort. Put your pics into the year or directly into the correct month of that year.

Step 4: If you just sorted into the year, now open up each year folder, in detail view again, finish sorting pictures into the correct month. Put all videos for the year in the video folder.

ADVANCED organizing. If you are happy with the work you have already done, fantastic! If not read on.

Step 5: Go into each year and one month at a time sort through photos. Delete photos that aren’t worth keeping; either blurry or duplicates… you decide what you want to keep and trash. For example, I don’t need 10 pics of my son picking his nose!

Step 6: In each year folder, month by month, pick out your favs and put them in that years corresponding favorites folder. This is a GREAT thing to have because if you are not printing all your pictures, either its too expensive or you just do not care about hard copies, you can create a great photo book of the year of all your favs.

Step 7: If you want back up for your back up burn pictures to DVDs or CD-ROMs. If you want actual physical albums or a photo book decide what picture site you the best. I use Snap Fish: Quick uploads of my photos, and it has a ‘true digital’ size which means my pictures are not cropped weirdly. This site, and many others, also have the option to pick up at Walgreens or other stores with no shipping charge! The only hang up is you have to get glossy versus matte.

Step 8: Videos. I prefer having videos separated because I burn them onto DVDs. We use a program that is on our pc which makes it very easy to upload, organize, add titles, music, and a lot of other options. Then for each year we have DVDs ready to watch or take while traveling to show relatives.

The last step of this process is MAINTENANCE! Once you put this system into place, and get familiar with the steps you are going to feel great! Not to mention you will have a little bit more control over your memories; back up hard drive, dvds, physical pictures and/or photo book, AND DVDs of your videos.

Step 1: Depending on how often you take pictures this number might vary. For me I am able to stay on top of my pictures, handle the expense of “products” if I do the previous 8 steps, every 3 months: breaking it down it would be April 1st, July 1st, October 1st & January 1st.

HAPPY ORGANIZING! Please post with how your process is going and if you have any questions!

4 thoughts on “How to Organize your Pictures!

  1. Robin, I just use a video editor program that is built into my PC. Yours might have one too. Also there are plenty of programs out there that you can buy and upload to your pc to use. Whatever is easiest and works within your budget!


  2. I love this idea! This is how I organized the pictures from my daughters first year but I stopped after that. The deleting of photos would be the hardest part for me I think but I’m going to try and tackle January 2020 at least!


    1. So deleting pictures is definitely the hardest part. It gets easier with practice. For me I start with the “no brainers” blurry pictures, or a pic that is basically the same as another, or any pic that definitely has a better option. If you skip this step it’s nice having the “favorites album” for each year. You can choose to print these ones or create the album and still keep all the extras on your computer.


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